After Shave Tonics
Rolland Texas
Rolland Texas

After Shave Tonics

Our limited edition after-shave tonics come in a whole new design inspired by the art district Wynwood in Miami FL displayed in a new larger bottle. 

Urban: This aftershave is dedicated to the aspiring adventurer. 

Sunset: This aftershave is dedicated to the poetic proletarian.

Midnight: This aftershave is dedicated to those who live for passionate nights.

Sunshine: For those who appreciate the warmth of the Floridian Sun.

Freestyle: Living life on the wild side with a free spirit.

Refreshing pleasant smell will leave you smelling good all day


- Masculine Fragrances

- Calms Irritation

- Helps Heal & Clean Shave Areas


After shaving with Rolda's shaving gels & experiencing the mess-free shave, use our shaving tonics to alleviate irritation and calm your skin. Spray onto shaved area and allow to dry naturally. 

Since the product contains alcohol to heap clean shaved areas, you may experience a brief tingling sensation.


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Bottle of Midnight Men's After Shave with a mysterious aura
Bottle of Midnight Men's After Shave with a mysterious aura
Freestyle Men's After Shave - for the bold and confident
Sunshine Men's After Shave - uplifting and refreshing
Refreshing Classic Men's After Shave - timeless and fresh
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Experience the epitome of post-shave luxury with our After Shave collection, featuring a range of distinct men's fragrances that cater to every mood and style. Each variant, from the sultry Midnight to the invigorating Sunshine, offers a unique aromatic journey. Our formula soothes, moisturizes, and refreshes your skin, leaving you feeling revitalized and confident after each shave.
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